Samsung A03S Price – Value For Money?


The Samsung authority has announced about a new Smartphone from the worldwide mobile marketplace called as Samsung Galaxy A03s. If, you really wanted to purchase Samsung A03s from your local mobile shop. I suggest you to purchase it online from the Samsung Mobile web shop at affordable rates. I hope my article will be useful for you.

Samsung has introduced the latest version of their flagship smartphones, the Samsung a03s. This device comes with feature packed Smartphone like an iPhone and offers a unique blend of entertainment and communication. This smart phone runs on the ancient Gingerbread and is designed to cater the modern mobile phone user needs. The Samsung a03s comes with the feature rich 5g technology that offers great browsing experience on the go. This smart phone runs on Windows Mobile OS 4.5 and supports most of the popular SIM free mobile phone plans such as Virgin Mobile, O2, Three Mobile, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange and many more. samsung a03s

Main Features of Samsung galaxy a03s: * Android interface – The phone features a unique user interface that is very appealing and easy to use. The smooth and fast navigation allows the users to easily browse through the menu and find the information that they need. * Full-featured interface with plenty of wallpapers and themes to choose from. You can also customize your own wallpaper and change the theme of your Samsung a03s.

Great Performance The Samsung a03s has a powerful chipset that gives it the ability to handle the heavy load. It has the octa-core processor that helps it to run smoothly and give out the best performance. The device also comes with the ARM core that has the Power Management features to help keep the battery at a constant level. It has the support for MMS, Widevine, and the Double picture mode that will allow the users to take the highest quality picture. There is a low battery charge that gives it an extended battery life of 15 hours.

Waterproof Capability The Samsung a03s is one of the most waterproof phones available in the market because of its feature of Dual Shot Image capturing and the ability to shoot in both normal and motion modes. The built-in image stabilization system ensures that the images are not blurred and the details are maintained while the photo is being captured. There is also a huge amount of memory that stores plenty of pictures and videos giving the user lots of chance to store lots of content.

Value For Money If you go in for any other mobile phone from Samsung, you would have to sacrifice on some of the key features and this is exactly what you get when you buy the Samsung a03s. You get a large screen with ample space for writing and typing. Also, it has a large memory that stores plenty of movies, music and videos and hence, you can enjoy hours of entertainment with the help of this gadget. However, the Samsung a03’s price tag may put a few off, as this is a very cost effective gadget. It is a perfect choice for those who do not spend a lot of money. There is no comparison to the other high-end phones like the iPhone and the HTC Evo, which are much more costly.


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