Mi 9: A Review of Its Design and Performance


Mi 9 is one of the hottest smartphone in the market today. Its predecessor was one of the most sought after phones from the Chinese market and this new model has already received rave reviews from its launch. The Mi 9 has many features that have won high approval in the mobile phone industry. However, not all of its features are well supported by the operating system that is installed on the phone. Thus, most Mi phones that have been released in the market lack this important support system.

One of the first things that users complained about when they bought the Mi 9 was that it did not have the pre-order feature. With this, users were not able to reserve their phones from the start. Thankfully, these complaints have now been addressed by the company through an official statement and now the Mi website says that pre-orders for the Mi 9 smartphone can now be made through online channels. Users will still be required to follow some steps in order to complete the process of reserving the device, but the long wait for it is no longer a problem for those who want to buy it in bulk.

One of the features that impressed most buyers when they bought the Mi 9 is its in-display fingerprint sensor. This is unlike the one found in most smartphones in that it allows users to enter their own fingerprint into the phone in order to activate it. Upon opening the device, it readies the phone and runs the fingerprints through its on-screen bar. When these fingerprints match with the touch content of the smartphone, the phone is unlocked. This ensures that no one else has the password as this is a hard-to-guess entry code. Mi 9

Another pre-order feature of the Mi 9 that drew praises from buyers is its highly efficient dual-core processor. It is meant to provide fast internet access and internet surfing on the go. However, with the high price tag that comes with it, some buyers were left wondering whether it would fall short of its target even after the payment has been made. Most Mi users are therefore left disappointed by the slow speed of the processor and a rather low memory, though more improved upon with the additional RAM and storage capacities offered in the Mi 10 and Mi 12 smartphone models.

Perhaps one of the biggest gripes of users against the Mi 9 is its lack of a big front camera, just like the iPhone and many other flagship devices. Mi fans however say that the front camera on the Mi 9 packs just the right punch. Its image processing technology is also said to be superior to that of the iPhone and other leading smartphones. It is also worth mentioning that the front-facing facial recognition technology of the Mi 9 does not work in every model. Only the xiaomi premium version comes with this pre-installed software, although there are other models that come with it pre-installed.

The Mi 9’s performance in terms of battery life is also criticized heavily. Some Mi users say that it lasts only up to a week on its single charge, though others say that it lasts up to two weeks on a single charge. In any case, the Mi 9 packs a generous 1,090 mAh battery, which seems to be sufficient. As far as performance is concerned, the device easily handles all of its tasks without getting stuck or running down under pressure. It manages to retain most of the charge it acquires throughout a day’s worth of use, though some say that the slow motion when launching apps may take its toll over a period of time. With its impressive display, high-end hardware and commendable performance, the Mi 9 definitely scores points in its favor when it comes to smartphone performance.


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